The First Topic of the Year in Bezirhane: Symbolism in Seljuk Art and Architecture

In the first event of Bezirhane Meetings in 2020, Professor at the Department of Architecture, Middle East Technical University. Dr. Ali Uzay Peker took up the subject “Symbolism in Anatolian Seljuk Art and Architecture”.

Touching Historical Artifacts with Appropriate Materials

A workshop with the title “Touching Historical Artifacts with Appropriate Materials” was organized at our university with the participation of Turkish and foreign academicians.

Conference on Chinese Studies and Researches Held In Cappadocia

Chinese Studies and Researches Conference was held with broad participation of relevant expert academicians in the field in Mustafapaşa hosted by our university.

Recontre de Psychanalyse de Printemps de l'Universite de Cappadoce

Recontre de Psychanalyse de Printemps de l'Universite de Cappadoce (Kapadokya İlkbahar Psikanaliz Buluşmaları)

Cappadocia University Environmental Humanities Center organizes a series of workshop which will be held on May 17 - 26, 2021 at Cappadocia University.

Future and Emerging Technologies in Aviation “Foresight of The Next Decade”

A virtual avitation workshop hosted by Cappadocia University, March 16-18, 2021

Sustainable Living Film Days In Cappadocia between 4-7 February.

Turkish Ecocriticism: From Neolithic to Contemporary Timescapes

The first international academic book that combines eco-criticism theory and Turkish culture / literature research, Turkish Ecocriticism: From Neolithic to Contemporary Timescapes (Rowman & Littefield, Lexington Books), edited by the English Language and Literature faculty members, Prof. Dr. Serpil Oppermann and Dr. Lec. Sinan Akıllı...

Our University started to generate electrical energy!

Cappadocia University started to generate its own electrical energy by solar system and added a new one to its successful works in the field of sustainability with the Solar Power Plant (GES) System.

Living in the End Times: Utopian and Dystopian Representations of Pandemics in Fiction, Film and Culture

A Virtual Interdisciplinary Conference hosted by Cappadocia University, Turkey, January 13 – 15, 2021

"International Civil Aviation Day" was celebrated with Parachute Jump

In order to celebrate December 7, "International Civil Aviation Day", a free parachute jump was performed with the support of our University's Hot Air Balloon and Airship Application and Research Center.

4th International Silk Road Academic Studies Symposium

The 4th International Silk Road Academic Studies Symposium which was hosted by Cappadocia University was held as on-line on 17-18 December.

A rollout from Cappadocia University: Roles of the Cappadocian Fathers in the Construction of Christianity

The first of Culture Education Series of Cappadocia Research Center was held at Mustafapaşa campus on 14-16 February 2020, in cooperation with Continuing Education Center of our university.

An Impressive Concert of Beethoven Chef-Doeuvre

Being arranged by “Klasik Keyifler” to the memory of 250. birthday of Beethoven, the first of the 8-concert-series being hosted by our university was performed in Uçhisar Arts Campus in 20 December 2019.

Cappadocia University Makes Its Mark on the 16th Istanbul Biennial!

This time, our university's Environmental Humanities Center is making its mark on the 16th Istanbul Biennial with the theme “Seventh Continent”.