Touching Historical Artifacts with Appropriate Materials

A workshop with the title “Touching Historical Artifacts with Appropriate Materials” was organized at our university with the participation of Turkish and foreign academicians.

Turkish academicians and academicians from Spain and Italy as well as university students attended the workshop organized on 30-31 January 2020 at Mustafapaşa campus with the cooperation of Cappadocia Studies Application and Research Center and department of International Relations Erasmus Institution Coordinatorship, which District Governor of Ürgüp, Mehmet Maraşlı, participated in the opening session.

Rector of the university, Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Karasar, making the opening speech of the workshop said: “I would like to extend my thanks to Cappadocia Studies Application and Research Center for conducting this important workshop. We deeply mind the meeting in which people from Mediterranean area, notably Turkey, Spain and Italy will share the knowledge, methods and skills concerning our cultural and historical heritage. I would also like to thank the academic staff of our university and students for carrying out a model of collaboration, and wish a successful meeting.”

Following the speech of the Rector, in the first session, Dr. Graziella Bernardo from Italy Basilicata University made a presentation on “Mortars and Plasters Used for Protection of Cultural Heritage”, and Dr. Luis Manuel Palmero Iglesias from Spain Valencia Poli-Tek University presented “Historical Constructions and Modern Restorations” while in the second session, Dr. Hale Kozlu from Erciyes University the department of Architecture conducted a presentation on “the Methods applied in the characterization of traditional mortars and Suggestions of Reparation Mortar for Cappadocia area”, Dr. Leila Akbari Sahahabi from Cappadocia University gave a presentation with the title “On the Identity of Settlement: Cappadocia”, and Restorator Architect Aslı Özbay delivered a speech on “Restoration Applications and Mortars in the Cappadocia Area”.

During the workshop, an implementation to produce traditional mortar was carried out in Mustafapaşa Village with our students from the department of Architectural Restoration.