An Impressive Concert of Beethoven Chef-Doeuvre

Being arranged by “Klasik Keyifler” to the memory of 250. birthday of Beethoven, the first of the 8-concert-series being hosted by our university was performed in Uçhisar Arts Campus in 20 December 2019.

The art-lovers and university students living in Cappadocia showed great interest to the first concert arranged with the title “Beethoven the Visionary” which our rector Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Karasar also attended.

In the evening in which Ellen Jewett, Mehmet Gökhan Bağcı and Başar Can Kıvrak gave a magnificent concert with violin, violoncello and piano, Piano Trio in C Minor “Op.1 No.3” which is the most daring composition of Beethoven’s Opus 1, strong and energetic Cello Sonata “No. 5 Op. 102 No. 2” and Violin Sonata “No.10 Op.96” met with the audience.

The second concert of Beethoven 250 concert series entitled “Beethoven the Improviser”, on the other hand, will come together with art-lovers in 21 February 2020.