A rollout from Cappadocia University: Roles of the Cappadocian Fathers in the Construction of Christianity

The first of Culture Education Series of Cappadocia Research Center was held at Mustafapaşa campus on 14-16 February 2020, in cooperation with Continuing Education Center of our university.

The importance in the history of Christianity and their places in belief tourism of three church fathers living in the Cappadocia area during the 4th century named Grand Basileios, Gregorios from Nyssa, Gregorios from Nazianzos were discussed in the educational seminar, designed for the researchers in the field and notably the professional tourist guides, in which ancient historian Prof. Dr. Turhan Kaçar and religion historian Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zafer Duygu were the orators.

Şükran Ünser, the head of Cappadocia Research Center, who made the opening speech, said: “The turning point of the known history of Cappadocia continuing for thousands of years which was when the area met with Christianity and Cappadocian Fathers who were the most important pioneers of the religion in that era will be the main theme of this seminar. As Cappadocia University, in this event which is the first roll of educational seminars that address the main themes of Cappadocia cultural heritage, we aim to build a bridge between the eminent researchers in the field and you, cultural envoys. We would like to thank the tourism professional Lale Aran for being the originator of this event and Firdevs Dikdaş for endeavoring to carry out the event. In addition, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to precious professors who attend the educational seminar to share their valuable works with us and brighten us objectively on that delicate issue in the light of science.”

At the last day of the seminar, a tour of the area under the title of “On the Track of Cappadocian Fathers” was organized accompanied with Byzantium Art Expert Prof. Dr. Nilay Çorağan, and the questions of the participants were answered. The education was finalized in a closure cocktail in which documents for attendance and certificates were distributed to the participants.

The ones who are interested can follow the cultural education seminars to be continued in the forthcoming days from our website.